50% High Profit Seasoning, Dip & Mixes Fundraiser

If you are looking for an no-hassle, easy fundraiser for your school, church, group or other cause look no further!

Easy 50% Profit Fundraisers
Make your next Fundraiser Easy, Convenient & Profitable

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50% Profit Fund Raisers

Easy- Easy to distribute and sell, and reasonably priced.
Convenient- No refrigeration, No melting and No bulk.
Profitable- You sell the seasonings & dips for $6.00 and you keep $3.00.

The only other cost is the shipping. There are no handing fees, and no minimums.
Start and end your fundraiser whenever it is convenient for you and your group.

*Happy to work with small groups or even individuals!

Feel free to contact me for more information or with any questions

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Easy 50% Profit Fundraising Forms

Easy High 50% Profit Fundraiser Starla's Seasonings and Dip Mixes
Easy High Profit Dip Mix Fundraiser

Fundraising Forms without ​Bread & Slushy Mixes

Easy High Profit Seasoning Mix and Dip Mix Fundraiser
Easy 50% High Profit Fundraisers. Happy to work any size group or with individuals too!
Easy High Profit Fundraiser Seasonings and Dip Mixes