50% High Profit Seasoning, Dip & Mixes Fundraiser

If you are looking for an no-hassle, easy fundraiser for your school, church, group or other cause look no further!

Easy 50% Profit Fundraisers
Make your next Fundraiser Easy, Convenient & Profitable

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50% Profit Fund Raisers

Easy- Easy to distribute and sell, and reasonably priced.
Convenient- No refrigeration, No melting and No bulk.
Profitable- You sell the seasonings & dips for $6.00 and you keep $3.00.

The only other cost is the shipping. There are no handing fees, and no minimums.
Start and end your fundraiser whenever it is convenient for you and your group.

*Happy to work with small groups or even individuals!

Feel free to contact me for more information or with any questions

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Easy 50% Profit Fundraising Forms

Dip fundraiser description with Gluten Free Garlic Herb Beer Bread Small Business in Wisconsin
Dip Mix Fundraiser Form with Gluten Free Garlic Herb Beer Bread Small, Female Owned Business in Wisconsin

Fundraising Forms without ​Bread & Slushy Mixes

Easy High Profit Seasoning Mix and Dip Mix Fundraiser
Easy 50% High Profit Fundraisers. Happy to work any size group or with individuals too!
Easy High Profit Fundraiser Seasonings and Dip Mixes