Dip Etiquette

Dip Etiquette & History

These ground rules for dipping should be reviewed and agreed upon prior to the dipping event. Friendships should only grow over dip, never break apart. If you have a personal dip rule, please feel free to share it with us!

The DOUBLE DIP: With immediate family, it is not a problem. Extended family and in-laws may start crossing the line. Best friends are usually okay but if one friend feels that it is wrong or is uncomfortable about it, no more double dipping! Co-Workers:NO!!! At a social gathering: NO!!! NO!!! Girl’s weekend: yes and no. (See the best friend advice). Guy’s canoe trip:Never!!! Super bowl Party: avoid the temptation and just put a man-size portion on your plate. Dip freely at that point!!!

-How to deal with the Habitual Double Dipper: 1st offense: ask them to stop with gentle firmness. 2nd offense: give them the benefit of the doubt that they did not hear you the first time. The chip crunch may have muffled your voice. 3rd time: Raise voice in 10 decibel increments. 4th: Call him/her out in front of their peers and attempt to embarrass them. 5th: either remove the dip from the area or them. You will probably save the party if you throw the double dipper out. The dip should stay. It can’t help being delicious!!!

-There is only one way to double dip:if you dip off one end of the chip or vegetable, the non-dipped opposite end is still
technically free to be dipped. However, you must make sure that your fellow dippers see you flipping the chip. Otherwise, arguments may begin and you will be forever branded a double dipper who claims to be a flipper!!!

Dipping at the same time: 2 people – same as traffic rules, the one on the right has the right-of-way. Three people – the person in the middle has the right of way. And then traffic rules apply. 4 people – person with the smallest chip has right-of-way. You might as well give them the first opportunity as they were slighted when it comes to chip size. Plus they won’t take much! Watch carefully though and see if they try to compensate for the smaller chip size by sweeping into the dip with their finger.

Chip size: Big chips always work the best. Partial chips can suffice if bolstered when pairing with additional back-up chips. Small pieces at the bottom of the bag are not allowed to be pinched and dipped with. This sets up a whole new area of offenses. The biggest is the finger contact to dip surface.Fingers are not meant to contact the dip as it transfers whatever was on the hand to the dip and worse case, saliva from licking ones fingers after the contact. If the dip is almost gone, ask if anyone would like anymore. If not, you may then either dump the pieces in the container and use a spoon or use the finger swipe method. If the bowl is to be replenished, you cannot use this method.

Broken chip: NEVER leave a chip behind!!!!!!!!!! Get a bigger chip and use it as the rescue device. Never use the finger retrieval method unless you are the sole dipper.

Dip Hierarchy: If you and a friend both bring a dip or cheese ball to a gathering, the I Love Dip brand gets top billing and the seat of honor on the table (front and center). If both are made from our dip, “Rock, Paper, Scissors” will be sufficient to decide the dip placement. If one of the dips is store bought (I shudder at the thought), you tell me what you think. The best option other than throwing it out and hurting someone’s feelings would be to find an unlit table in a corner for its display. Maybe a disclaimer sign could be placed near it as well and a picture of the one who brought it. Just be sensitive!

Dip portions: In our eyes, dip freely, often and take as much as you want. However, we understand that at some venues, the dip supply may be limited. In that case, be proper and take a small enough portion so others may enjoy it as well. Watch the table carefully though. Once seconds begin, the gloves come off and it is a first come first serve situation. Other dip rules: never hide dip from view. Give everyone a fair chance. How much should I take to a party you ask? Enough to cover whatever chip or vegetable you are bringing. NEVER take dip to a party without something to dip with! That will force people to break all kinds of dip rules.

EXCEPTION: The only exception to the above rules is when you are eating wings and are dipping them in a ranch or blue cheese dressing. Double dip, lick your fingers, belch as needed, take as much of the cooling dip as needed and ENJOY!!!!! Dip away and gorge yourself. The only rule, although minor, is never put the sucked off chicken bones back on the same platter they are being served on. An unsuspecting dipper may accidently grab a stripped off bone during the feeding frenzy and put it in his or her mouth. That in itself could ruin the wing eating party immediately!!!


The History of DIP
Date of Origin Old English [OE]
Like deep, dip comes ultimately from a Germanic base *d(e)up- ‘deep, hollow’. The derived verb, *dupjan, produced Old English dyppan, ancestor of modern English dip. It originally meant quite specifically ‘immerse’ in Old English, sometimes with reference to baptism; the sense ‘incline downwards’ is a 17th-century development.

French onion as a flavor emerged in the 17th century. Sour cream was invented in the US between 1815 – 1825. Somewhere around there, the first dip as we know it must have come into being. No one has laid claim to that distinction! If we were around then, we surely would have!!!

Many cuisine-related sources claim that hummus is one of the oldest known prepared foods in the Middle East stretching back to antiquity. Some say it was made in the 18th-century Damascus while others claimed that it was first prepared in the 12th century by Saladin. For those who do not know, hummus is a dip made from chick peas and is mixed with garlic, vinegar and sometimes lemon juice. Even the Egyptians ate chickpeas so maybe even Moses ate “dip”!!!

Matt. 28:19
Go therefore and make disciples of all the nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit.